You treat me and my pets like family.

– S. Sharkey

I am always treated with courtesy and the vets take into account that I know my dog better than anyone. I am never made to feel stupid for my concerns.

– Anonymous

Very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff making my pet feel comfortable and not nervous at all.

– D. Holmes

We were looking to change vets and Oxford was recommended. Compared to the vet we had previously went to, Oxford was a very tremendous experience. Qualified staff, doctors, etc etc. I even got a follow up call from the doctor to see how my dog is doing!!

– Randy

Everyone at Oxford Animal Hospital treats your pet as if it were their own. I’ve been going there for over 15 years now and couldn’t imagine trusting my dogs with anyone else!

– Leslie

We like that Drs. Maasen and Waltsak always take our concerns to heart even when we tend to go towards the more helicopter end of doggy parents. – anonymous Always very friendly and welcoming to us and our dog. Have received very good care and education on how to give our dog best care possible.

– Anonymous

Paige Maasen is an awesome veterinarian. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and extremely thorough. The staff at Oxford is wonderful and caring. Our pets actually get excited to go to the vet!

– A. Huggins

Could not ask for more. Prompt and flexible and compassionate. What more could you want.

– Patty

Kudos to oxford animal hospital and staff! Our 13 year old Maui Kitty has been boarded for his first time ever. They were so wonderful checking him in and reassuring us. They have encouraged us to email and check on him anytime. They sent a report complete with a picture. They are awesome!

– Cathy G.

I can’t say enough good thing about Oxford Animal Hospital. They always take care of us and our Golden Retrievers. Dr. Massen listens to our concerns and answers all of our questions.

– Michael

The doctors and staff really care about my pet and myself. I appreciate them very much!

– Unknown

I highly recommend Oxford Animal Hospital for Veterinary Medicine and Boarding. Our dog, Dex normally frets for a week after being boarded at other locations, but is very happy when he returns home from Oxford. The customer service exceeds expectations! Thank you Oxford team!

– Joyce M.

I have been taking my pets to Oxford Animal Hospital for over 15 years! During these years, these wonderful people have taken care of 12 dogs and at least 3 cats with me! With all of these rescues (I’m a foster failure!), it does indeed take a village to give them the best health care they deserve! I would never go anywhere else!! If you are looking for a team of excellent veterinarians and the best staff around, you should definitely check them out! You won’t be sorry!!

– Julie C.

Just picked up our 2 dogs this afternoon. Beautifully groomed, up to date on everything, and loving life! The doctors are awesome. I love how they call me personally if there is a question or issue. They truly love their profession! The staff is beyond friendly and always willing to help with all that comes with providing the best quality of care. Oh, they are funny, too! I think it is pretty obvious how much we love and trust these folks.

– Shelley N.

I couldn’t be happier with the care that my puppy has received! Best around! The staff is extremely friendly & is always willing to thoroughly answer any questions! Their grooming services are absolutely amazing! And the doggie daycare can’t be beat! My little guy comes home so happy & absolutely worn out! I trust them completely with the newest member of our family!

– Cindy B.

The staff at Oxford Animal Hospital is the best in class. I first took Lincoln to see them when I lived less than a mile away. I’ve had to move around the city since then, but I gladly made the trips from the RiverMarket and North OP every time.

– Beth

The staff, the facility and veterinarian were welcoming, professional and clearly love animals!

– Sandy

This place is amazing! From the wonderful staff who are so caring to the animals like their own fur babies, to the great service the Veterinarians give while listening to your concerns. I highly recommend this place if you do not have a vet your are happy with or just need a second opinion. Everyone is great!

– Saraya B.

The vets and staff here are fantastic. Our 11 year-old dog become sick very shortly after we moved to the KC area. We went to Oxford because it was close and had good reviews. Our dog was diagnosed with cancer and the vet at Oxford referred us to specialists at Blue Perl. Even though we had only been to Oxford once, and even though our dog was being treated by the specialists at Blue Perl, the vet at Oxford continued to follow-up with us every 3-4 days and coordinated with the specialists at Blue Perl to see how things were going. Our dog was very sick and did not respond to the treatments well, and we had him put to sleep 3 weeks after the cancer diagnosis. The vet at Oxford was excellent at helping us understand the treatment options through the entire course of treatment. Our experience was that the vets at Oxford are very knowledgable and caring and the staff was very helpful. We have had 4 dogs over 30+ years and received the best treatment from the people at Oxford that we have received from any vet.

– Jeff L.

This vet is great! The nurse was amazing with my two big dogs who can be a handful and a half. The staff was very helpful in wrangling my two dogs for all of the testing and they were all incredibly gentle and sweet to my boys. They explained every single aspect of the check up process as well as the tests and medicines to me very thoroughly. They also always asked before doing any procedure, which I loved. This will definitely be our new vet.

– Megan M.